Smoked Chocolate Porter 

Peach Hefeweizen

​Extra Special Bitter

Amber Ale

This easy drinking Winter Ale is a refreshing Canadian-style Cream Ale. The strawy golden yellow colour is a prelude to the clean flavour, lightly spiced notes and the balance between malt and hops. Adding oatmeal to this brew creates a creamy head not expected from such a lightly coloured beer that goes down smooth. This beer really pairs well with pub-fare.

ABV: 5%   IBU: 18

The first of three limited release coffee beers from Highway 97 Brewing, this collaboration with Artisan hand Roasted Cherry Hill Coffee. The silky Italian inspired medium roast brew features the taste of beer with the aroma of great local coffee and roasted chestnut. Oatmeal added to the mash creates a creamy beige head and excellent mouth feel. Mild bitterness from fresh roasted coffee beans added to the boil prior to fermentation creates a buttery smooth body with some residual sweetness. 

ABV: 5.5%   IBU: 30

Roasted Chestnut Coffee Stout 

This traditional Hefeweizen has a rich golden colour, is mildly cloudy like a good Hefe should be and offers a light creamy peach fruit finish. Made with real whole fruit, this light tasting beer is the ideal summer patio beer and is perfect entertaining. 

ABV: 4.5%  IBU:  10 

​Islay Scotch Ale

​Red IPA

This is definitely a gateway beer – easy going, crisp, but with light malt tones                                           and a hint of noble hop flavour courtesy of local Okanagan hop grower Square One Hop farm. At 5% ABV and only 18 IBU this golden / pale yellow beverage is a premium pilsner made exclusively with Western Canadian premium malted barley. A perfect beer for the patio or to quench your thirst after any sporting activity. 

This is our most balanced beer with a ratio of sweet bready malt flavour with hints of toffee to hop notes showing a subtle nutty finish. At only 28 IBU and 5.4% alcohol, the colour of this Amber Ale is lighter than expected keeping with the motivation behind this sessionable beer. An honest Amber beer that most will thoroughly enjoy. 

This twist on an IPA gives the beer it’s red tone by using a specific red Canadian Prairie malt. There is a big Fruity Citrus Hop aroma and taste from this 6.2% ABV hand-crafted beer. Most of the hops for this beer come from the Naramata Bench hop farm -  Square One. Because the beer is so balanced that edgy IPA flavour profile is more subtle than you would expect from a beer with 60 IBU.  

The strong peated tone of this beer is not for everyone… but those who like it will like it a lot! At 44 IBU and 6.5% ABV, this is a complex beer big in flavour, the colour of scotch and strong on the nose. The sweet taste of the Scotch note is enough to keep you coming back for more. This is a beer to be savoured and enjoyed.

When you look at this beer you know you are in for something special. The rich darker copper colour is a good indicator of the balance between the malts and hops in this 7.5% beverage. Lightly carbonated, at 40 IBU this bitter is not all that bitter or aggressive simply because it is so balanced. Notes of roasted malts and fruitiness make this an ideal  beer to cook with!

It looks like a Porter, tastes like a Porter, but doesn’t feel like a Porter. Roasted dark malts are used to create the rich colour and smoky flavour in this 6.2% beer and even a hint of chocolate. At 30 IBU, the texture is lighter than you might expect allowing you to enjoy more than one of these special dark beers. Carbonation is minimal, as a good British-syle Porter should and this allows all tastes through and prevents that bloated feeling.

Premium Craft Pilsner

Fresh Tracks

Winter Cream Ale